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“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom.” -Ever Garrison


As an educator, it is very important to provide a safe environment conducive to learning for my students. This facilitates an exploration of themselves as critical thinkers and moral citizens through space, energy, and time.  In each class I teach I strive to meet each mover where they are. I offer my knowledge as a guide on their personal journey of discovery. Combining our past experiences, inside and outside of the studio, will allow us to investigate technique and improvisation. 


Regardless of the genre, it is important we focus on proper body mechanics. Ensuring that my students are finding their proper alignment and the most efficient way to move will lay rich soil from which their artistry can bloom. After this foundation is established, I begin to introduce more complex elements acquired from years of diverse training. I feel this approach creates a strong and dynamic dancer who is ready for anything.


My ambition is to aid dancers in abandoning their preconceived ideas of dance and what it “should” be. Instead, it is crucial that they embrace what dance is for them and realize that the world needs exactly what they have to offer. Practicing self-love through dance will magnify their uniqueness and help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be. My goal is to instill principles and discipline through dance which can be applied in all areas of life. 

Teaching a broadway jazz master class.
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